Case Study: Flexible Connections for Sieving Machine Manufacturer

flexible connections for sieving machine manufacturerWe are pleased to have been working with this customer for several decades, producing flexible connections, flexible sleeves, gaiters and bags.

Our approach is a close working relationship, whereby input from everyone and genuine teamwork delivers the best possible outcomes for specific problems. For example, our original design has been adapted by the customer’s in-house design team to suit individual requirements. Over the years, many different shapes and sizes of connections have been produced, in several different materials – always through a process of KIWI Engineering collaborating with the knowledgeable team at the sieving machine manufacturing company.

Our customer knows what they need and they trust us to advise what is possible with urethane. This results in efficient, effective outcomes; allowing us produce the best possible solutions for their requirements, which in this case has been flexible connections made in FDA approved polyurethane – for the last 15 years.

The company sieves anything from cocoa powder through to dynamite and every substance has its own particular problems associated with the transfer of powder and particles from the sieve to the process plant below.

We use expertise and experience to discuss situations and explore problems with the customer and identify the challenges that need to be overcome; whether that’s an abrasive nature of a powder or the need for earthing between both pieces of plant.

When we specified FDA approved polyurethane as the material solution for these flexible connections, we did so to deliver the best possible durability of product for our customer. The flexible connection sleeves have robust wear resistance and a high tear resistance, which means a long life span and consequently, cost-effectiveness for the customer.

Most crucial of all to the specification however, is the FDA approval of the material. This gives the product capacity to be used in many carefully regulated environments, from food to pharmaceutical industries.

The polyurethane flexible connections we produce for this customer have been used in small bakeries and large confectionary manufacturing plants, plus all manner of other industries processing powders and granules.

Numerous benefits have resulted from our working partnership with the customer; for them, for us and for their own customers: a host of multinational companies.

The proactive relationship we have together and our collaborative approach often results in trying and testing new ideas and ways of working. And over the years, a good deal of input has resulted in reducing dust and cross contamination to zero on many projects, for many beneficiaries.

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