Case Study: Gear Knobs for GPB Engineering

gear knobs for GBP EngineeringGBP approached us to machine the gear knobs they required in 2011 aluminium.

Working as a team in conjunction with the customer, we discussed and agreed the job’s specification and explained in detail the processes that the order would comprise.

Producing these gear knobs is a two-step process, where the two inch (51mm) diameter blank is CNC precision turned, drilled and tapped and cross drilled on our Hardinge CNC lathe, to suit which type of 7, the gear knob eventually fits.

Kiwi Engineering then hold the gear knobs in a high precision collet on a tightly controlled diameter, so that it runs within 5-7 tenths on the outside diameter. It is then roughed on that end and the whole profile is accurately finish turned.

Kiwi Engineering CNCEach finished gear knob is thoroughly inspected before we bag and box them for delivery. As with every job that KIWI Engineering undertakes, these gear knobs undergo our meticulous quality control processes, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Through the regular customer feedback that we seek, we know that our customer is highly satisfied with the work we deliver on this particular project. The exemplary product and service standards speak for themselves – in so much as the ‘end’ customer whose cars KIWI Engineering’s gear knobs are part of, is pleased to continue its close working relationship with GPB Engineering. We are proud to be able to support them.