Case Study: Glass Stand Offs for Totally Bespoke Joinery, Kent

glass stand offs for Totally Bespoke JoineryTotally Bespoke Joinery is a manufacturer of high quality bespoke staircases for distinctive homes. With their meticulous attention to detail and the highest demand from their own customers, naturally the company needed a reliable partner for any components, as dedicated to quality and finish as they are.

Choosing KIWI Engineering as a preferred partner, the company approached us to produce 120 off 1.4307(304) stainless steel glass stand-off fittings, to hold glass panels to form a balustrade at the side of a staircase.

Using our CAD-CAM package we modified the initial design to suit the requirements and produced a complete assembled item comprising six parts, including rubber washers, a plastic spacer and a 304 grub screw. With this detailed series of components making up the finished product, we were able to define a competitive price per unit and we agreed with the customer their order for the project.

The majority of the machining was carried out on our Hardinge CNC lathe using the live tooling to cross drill a hole to tighten the head on to the base. This was then turned and drilled and tapped before parting off, then transferred to the CNC milling machine for through drilling.

With quality and finish being one of the highest priorities for all concerned, we approached our work with the stainless steel material with utmost care. As usual with stainless steel, we ensured that we worked with exactly the right tips, drills, feeds and at the correct speeds.

Our attention to detail is mandatory for every job we undertake, and has practical outcomes as well as value added for our business. Manufacture progressed smoothly and the final processes included satin polishing prior to parting off, through holes being de-burred and the external finish inspected to ensure every aspect of the item was absolutely up to standard, before being bagged.

The result of this order from our customer has been a regular, long-term working relationship with the company, clients of theirs who are really pleased with the beauty and quality of their staircases and is great testimony for Kiwi Engineering that we are very proud of.