Case Study: M4 Crimping Tools for a Major Gypsum Supplier, Nottingham

m4 crimping tools for major gypsum supplierOver 20 years ago, a major gypsum supplier based in Nottingham asked us to produce 200 off M4 crimping tools, for use in the dry lining industry.

Previous problems the company had encountered before dealing with KIWI Engineering included tools jamming. Naturally, we realised these issues had to be resolved: fast and forever.

The solution we proposed was a modified design, which we created using our CAD-CAM package. When talking to the customer initially, our primary concern was to remove the problems they were having, efficiently and effectively. So we concentrated on a specification fit for purpose that we could produce and deliver at a commercially realistic cost.

With the customer, we negotiated a mutually acceptable price for their 200 off order of M4 crimping tools and immediately following the initial order, we began producing them 4-5 times a year.

The customer was able to benefit from a cost-effective solution with the greatest value added: a superior product.

The particular solution we designed is a crimping tool that consists of 16 different components. Seven go into a welded construction, using jigs to produce the handles, after some parts that have been laser cut. These are drilled on our CNC milling machine.  The punch tool is accurately CNC turned on KIWI Engineering’s Hardinge CNC lathe before being milled on our CNC milling machine in a jig, 10 at a time. It is then held again in the opposite side of the jig and CNC milled again, after which the punch tool is case hardened and centre-less ground.

Various pins and wheels are produced and chemically blackened before the crimping tool is assembled. Once the handles have been powder coated, rubber handgrips are added and circlips are fitted to form each completely assembled M4 crimping tool; every one of which, we then carefully bag and box, for shipment to the customer at Nottingham.

We have enjoyed trading for this customer ever since their first order with us back in the 1990’s. And during the intervening years, we have produced anything – from dry wall lining board carts to small component parts for dry lining system tools – for the customer.