CNC Manufacturing

Quality Assured CNC Manufacturing Processes

Our CNC manufacturing process for flexible connections goes through our rigorous six point quality control:

  1. Design sign off by customer
  2. Design acceptance by KIWI Engineering
  3. Cutting
  4. RF welding
  5. Cleaning
  6. Packing and delivery paperwork

All our CNC manufacturing components adhere to our stringent nine point quality control. From receipt of drawing(s) through to delivery, we follow these steps:

  1. Acceptance of drawing and job sheet creation, including ordering of tooling if required
  2. Ordering of correct grade material from ISO source
  3. Receipt of materials and grade checking, with cutting if needed
  4. Machining of component to drawings provided; firstly being dimension checked before a batch is machined (an operator/setter always checks components as they are being run, for fit and size)
  5. KIWI Engineering’s own “mid-job review” – at this stage of our quality control process, work is checked and if anything isn’t quite right (no matter how minor), nothing is continued until problems or issues are rectified. Rejects are never acceptable!
  6. Jobs cleaned and bagged as necessary
  7. Final check by Manager is completed on every job
  8. Packing and delivery paperwork completed; using the customer’s unique part number and order number
  9. After Care – any problems, issues or customers feedback are dealt with immediately.

Guaranteed CNC manufacturing efficiency for flexible connections and CNC precision engineered products

CNC ManufacturingProducing Flexible ConnectionsKIWI Engineering employs over 40 years’ of experience, research and development to custom-make our products. These are all designed precisely to solve customers’ problems.

Over the four decades that we have been producing polyurethane flexible connection sleeves, we have made connections for many different industries; from food manufacturers to waste recycling companies.




An example of a requirement for a flexible connection from a food manufacturer:

The business was producing biscuits for a large supermarket chain and needed to transfer powder between a sieve and mixers. KIWI Engineering produced a flexible connection in FDA urethane that allowed for the vibration of the sieve and the differences in pipe diameter of the two machines. The solution stopped a dust problem the manufacturer was experiencing and reduced product loss, thus saving money for the business.

Many of our customers have dealt with us throughout the decades KIWI Engineering has been trading, and we are extremely proud of our long-standing relationships and the trust and loyalty our customers demonstrate.

Precision Engineering

KIWI Engineering has traded in this sector for 50 years. Using our specialist expertise, we have produced components and assemblies for numerous, diverse industries; from pharmaceutical producers, motor sport manufacturers, machine manufacturers, cradle access companies and the atomic energy authority.

Kiwi Engineering CNC ManufacturingAn example of a long-standing customer relationship with a machine manufacturer:

This company produces optical sorting machines for varied applications all over the world has traded with us for 45 years. KIWI Engineering produces component parts from drawings for the business, working with a wide selection of materials including aluminium, stainless steel, steel and plastics, according to specific requirements of each job.

All the materials that we use in our CNC manufacturing are sourced from traceable suppliers and more information about particular materials or supply chains can be provided on request. Or for specification details about our flexible connections, read or download our Product Datasheet.

Stock management requirements can also be in consultation with our customers, an agreement would be made on a case by case basis. For Flexible Connections and engineered component parts, notwithstanding all are invariably custom-made to individual drawings or for specific dimensions, we are prepared to hold stock. In consultation with our customers, this could mean an agreement would be subject to a call-off order or after a customer relationship has been in place for a reasonable time. We look forward to speaking with you about your needs and tailoring solutions to suit your business.

Expert Project Management

Customers’ drawings are preferred as PDF dimensioned drawings. Drawings submitted in this format can be processed more efficiently and effectively by us and mean that we can turn around a quotation faster than if we need to open CAD files prior to order. At the order stage, of course, customers can send drawings files in any convenient format and we open them with up-to-date CAD-CAM software. For further information or expert advice and guidance on aspects of your next project or requirement, get in touch with us today or Request a Call Back.

A selection of Case Studies detail various aspects of our service and capabilities and we are always more than happy to talk about specific solutions – including how we’ve solved diverse problems by thinking differently and how we might tackle your unique requirements. So please get in touch by phone, email or request a call back, if you would like to discuss your project. Or provide us with some details about your needs, for a no-obligation quote.