Flexible Connections

Benefits of Bespoke Manufactured Flexible Connections

Kiwi Flexible ConnectionsHow your business can benefit from tailor made flexible connections.

KIWI Engineering specialises in bespoke manufacturing of flexible connections.

We have been making polyurethane and urethane flexible connection sleeves for over 40 years, and supply a wide range of manufacturing industries including chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical.

Whatever market your business operates in, whether you want to transfer powder from a sieve to a tablet maker or a sack tip unit to a sieve, we can manufacture a connection in FDA approved TF800 (thermoplastic) polyurethane that is strong and flexible with the benefit of being crystal clear.

Minimise product escape

Flexible connections polyurethane sleeves are designed specifically to minimize product escape in various applications.  Products are hand fabricated in our own RF (radio frequency) welding department and our manufacturing processes ensure:

  • Product escape and spillage is eliminated by a simple device neatly linking two machines
  • Strong base material with powder tight, seamless seals as strong as the material itself
  • Flexible connections can be used in low pressure applications
  • Non-standard shapes and sizes
  • Crystal clear FDA material, ideal for food & pharmaceutical applications
  • Blockages can be viewed without line disruption
  • Excellent abrasion resistance qualities, ideal for powders and fine granules
  • Advantage that expensive tooling is not needed
  • Easy cleaning and product change
  • Polyurethane flexible connections can be washed and reused
  • Supplied with elastic rubber bands to provide a better seal
  • Can be backed up with metal bands to stop sleeves blowing off
  • Benefits of quick turn round time from enquiry to delivery.

All you need to do is send us the inlet and outlet sizes, plus overall drop dimension between the two points of your processing equipment for a quick, free quote.

Kiwi Flexible ConnectionsFor manufacturing and processing operations in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing industries

Made from high quality FDA approved TF800 urethane, a strong and flexible plastic, the flexible connection sleeve comfortably withstands vibration and movement.

We can custom fabricate the flexible connections to various sizes to suit your machinery and they can be easily removed and re-fitted using the captive elastic rubber bands which, if needed, can be backed.

Simple powder and particle transfer solutions

Washable and reusable, KIWI Engineering’s bespoke manufactured flexible connections are cost-effective, simple solutions to a wasteful problem.

Polyurethane and Urethane Flexible ConnectionsPolyurethane and urethane flexible sleeves help keep the air clear of particles which is especially useful in environments where powders and particles are handled that are abrasive, corrosive or otherwise dangerous.

Our flexible connections are supplied with strong rubber bands and they can be backed up with a metal band to stop the sleeve blowing off. All we need to manufacture bespoke, flexible sleeves for your exact requirements is dimension details. Tell us about your inlet, outlet and drop dimensions and KIWI Engineering can do the rest.

Whatever particle and powder machine connection sleeves you need – contact us today for a quick, friendly, no obligation quote, for tailor made, bespoke solutions.

Our flexible connections are ideal in a wide variety of manufacturing and material transfer processes:

  • Powdered chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Grain, rice & cereal crops
  • Food manufacture & processing
  • Aggregates, dust & sand

Quick, simple and effective – our powder transfer sleeves were originally designed for a pharmaceutical process where powdered medicine had to be transferred to tabulating machines that produced tablets. The simple machine transfer sleeve we developed is easily adaptable to all kinds of machinery and equipment that process any kind of powder or particles which could end up as dust in the air or spillage on the floor.

Please download the Flexible Connections Datasheet for more information.

Alternatively you can read our Flexible Connections case studies to find out what sort of work we have done and for which industries.